The happy box for

busy families.

Because being busy shouldn't stop your family from being happy.

Easy as pie

We do all the work—you have all the fun! Each box comes packed with fully prepared activities, crafts, books, and more, all right to your door. Look inside a sample box >

Backed with values

These aren't ordinary activities! Each one has been carefully created by our team to help your family live one of the 9 Habits of Happy Families. 

Something for almost every week

You'll find 3 weeks of activities to keep your kids engaged all month long. See what you get! >

Fits any budget

We want everyone to experience The Happy Family Box, so we offer both full and "lite" versions of each month's box to fit every budget. Pick a box >

Every box contains:

An activity for week 1

It could be a craft, a game, or a family activity. And don't worry about getting cheap stuff—we do our best to source the highest quality when possible.

An activity for week 2

Each of the activities comes with almost everything you need! We also include patterns and shortcuts wherever we can.

An activity for week 3

Better yet, every activity has been created by our team to help your family develop Habits that will strengthen you for years to come.

A beautiful book

Build your family library with gorgeous books that invite wonder, exploration, and learning.

Something special for Mom

Mom does SO much. We're giving her a break with a special TLC treat in every box.

A guide to the 9 Habits

Learn all about the 9 Habits of Happy Families and what they can do for your family. 

Want an example?

What box to expect each month

Read Together
Beautiful books and activities to help the family develop a love of reading.
Love Together
Fun ways to help your family say "I love you," give each other compliments, provide service, and more in both word and deed.
Laugh Together
Books, games, crafts to tickle your family's funny bone and make humor a more permanent part of your family experience.
Work Together
Awesome projects to help your kids develop a love of work, including gardening, household chores, and career preparation.
MaySpecial: Celebrate MomThis month we put the Habits aside and celebrate Mom and mother-like figures. It's going to be a party!
JuneSpecial: Celebrate DadOnce again, we put the Habits aside and celebrate Dad and father-like figures.
Eat Together
Books, games, and more to help your family cook together, eat together, and embrace healthy eating choices.
Play Together
Finish summer with a bang! This box is packed with fantastic activities to get the whole family playing together.
Learn Together
As school begins, we'll help your family develop a love of learning by exploring nature, books, and even your own town.
Talk Together
Communication is key, and October's box comes packed with conversation starters, activities, and ideas to help parents and kids talk things out.
Heal Together
Books, activities, and crafts to help your family learn about helping each other physically and emotionally.
DecemberSpecial: Holiday CelebrationThe holidays mean family, and December's box brings tons of fun ways to bring your family closer together this season.

Let's get your family some happiness!

The Happy Family Guarantee:

If this box doesn't get your family laughing, talking, or spending more time together, tell us and we'll give you your money back! No questions asked.